Enterprise System Architecture



Enterprise System Architecture is the foundation of the big data process. BD2I offers end-to-end system design for ingestion of structured and unstructured data from both internal and external sources. These data are then hosted, secured and managed in clusters using on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-based architectures. This sets the stage for enterprise data modelling and governance.

Enterprise Data Modelling & Governance


Setting up the proper ETL process, designing the metadata structure, and implementing effective data governance is a critical step in building the enterprise big datalake. BD2I delivers value in this area by forging the necessary relationships across business units, and modelling data according to business requirements. These data models will enable advanced analytical capabilities and self-serve reporting tools.

Advanced Analytics



BD2I Advanced Analytics offers a suite of services that range from Enterprise Business Reporting, Pattern Analysis & Machine Learning, System Simulation, and Optimization. These basic to full-scale service offerings are tailored to meet the needs of growing businesses, delivering progressively more advanced analytical methods as your data needs become more complex. Insights generated from these methods are then translated into intelligent actions using data visualization and business process modelling.

Data Visualization & Business Process Modelling


All the work in your enterprise big data is maximized when it is translated into actionable business language using data visualization and process improvement. Data visualization is how executives and leadership teams make sense of big data insights and KPI lift opportunities. These opportunities can be translated into process improvements using Business Process Modelling (BPMN).

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Data Discovery

Assess, curate, model, and ingest all available internal & external data sources.

ETL & Metadata

Organize the data into a Data Lake and conduct preparations for analysis.


Analyze the data and identify patterns relevant to target KPIs. Develop actionable triggers used to initiate precise resource allocation.

Data In Action

Deploy various engagement efforts on segment data to create target KPI lift.

Nvidia Preferred Solution Provider

BD2I is the official Nvidia Preferred Partner and specializes in providing solution for Accelerated Analytics and GPU Virtualization . Our solution is designed to provide Tier I and Tier II Enterprises with powerful GPU hardware, technology consulting, server architecture and deep learning expertise. We have unique access to the most cutting-edge deep learning hardware, ready to retrofit your existing servers with technology that will rapidly reduce cost of ownership and boost analytics performance.