Industries are investing in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data at unprecedented levels. Enterprises all around the world are realizing the enormous impact these solutions have on their bottom line & competitive advantage. Business Data To Intelligence has partnered with NVIDIA to help you discover the power of intelligence in your business, propelling you to the technological and competitive forefront of your industry vertical.
Business Data To Intelligence has been shortlisted for BEST AI Application for Sales & Marketing  at the AIconics awards, the world’s only independently-judged awards celebrating Artificial Intelligence for Business, which are being announced at The AI Summit San Francisco.


AI has the potential to comprehensively overhaul the relation between business and customer. Bespoke, personalised outreach and publicity will soon be the new norm in customer-focused sales & marketing operations. Service levels, CRM & CEM – often challenging areas on multiple fronts for large organisations – will see pivotal changes powered by AI solutions. This award celebrates the renaissance of the customer and business duality fuelled by the advent of intelligent solutions.


Following the significant advances made in recent AI technologies and applications in 2017, the AIconics awards was at its most competitive, with over 300 entries across the 10 awards.

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Experts and professionals all agree: Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and will transform every department in every company, and all industries will be profoundly affected. Artificial Intelligence, which had its fair share of setbacks, is now ready to change the world, thanks to the combination of extraordinary technological advances, the rise of Big Data and the new opportunities created by the Internet of Things. The figures of AI revenue for industries show how integrating AI will be a growth-driver for businesses.
Today, we are at a critical point in history. Everyone must step into the ring, understand the key benefits and issues of AI, and the mandatory changes that must take place in order to bring intelligence to life. Cars, cities, homes, machines… Everything will be connected and will learn on the fly. The potential of the market is enormous.

“Now computer vision and speech recognition just work. They’re not perfect, but they work. And that enables a lot of applications, which is why you see all this excitement around deep learning and AI. Because now that it works, there are so many doors that are open all of a sudden.”

Yann LeCun, Director of Facebook AI Research (FAIR), Nov. 2015

Artificial Intelligence Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2015-2024

Investment by enterprise and government into AI is projected to reach a staggering $12B by 2024.

(Source: Tractica)


Business Data To Intelligence discovers and delivers Enterprise AI, IoT and Big Data solutions. Our official partnerships with Nvidia and Microsoft uniquely position us to leverage cutting edge hardware & software technologies — coupled with our specialized skills and expertise — to architect and implement solutions that put your business at the competitive forefront of your industry vertical.

AI Accelerated Analytics & Deep Learning

Create competitive advantage by exploiting AI-accelerated knowledge to answer complex questions, increase revenue, and more efficiently run your business.

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IoT & Embedded Systems

When it comes to real-time autonomous decision making from IoT data, speed is of the essence. BD2I will engage your company in a POC (Proof of concept) discovery phase to help you realize the full potential of real-time decision making in your IoT infrastructure.

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Big Data

BD2I offers a suite of big data solutions that makeup the entire enterprise big data infrastructure. From system architecture and data modelling, to advanced analytics, visualization and process improvements, we have the experience and expertise help you power key decisions with big data.

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Nvidia Preferred Solution Provider

BD2I is the official Nvidia Preferred Partner and specializes in providing solution for Accelerated Analytics and GPU Virtualization . Our solution is designed to provide Tier I and Tier II Enterprises with powerful GPU hardware, technology consulting, server architecture and deep learning expertise. We have unique access to the most cutting-edge deep learning hardware, ready to retrofit your existing servers with technology that will rapidly reduce cost of ownership and boost analytics performance.

Discover the power of AI for your business.